WORK AND PLAY – Fun blazers and shift dresses

I started my Saturday with a meeting in the day at the Sofitel in BKC, after which I was going out with friends. I made sure my outfit worked for both work and play!

Lipstick in Rust from Colorbar

Lipstick in Rust from Colorbar



Sadly, the time for stylish coats is long gone. With winter almost here, now is the time for a solid, thick, trustworthy coat that has one aim – to keep you warm. And just as expected, stylish and warm don’t seem to go together.

Although I did find some workable options – like the Topshop coat I bought which I mentioned in my Winterwear Shopping Bag post, there aren’t that many stylish cheap warm coats out there. Personally, I was also limited by my sizing issues which is not something everyone has to worry about. So I decided to put my extensive research (or online window shopping) to some good use and put together a list of workable winter coats.

Lets start with a bang – the bright colours and then move to the neutrals and workwear. In the second part of the post I will cover some other categories – pastels, prints and patterns and so on. (I am sorry if you ended up seeing the Part 2 of this post which I published by mistake. I would recommend ignoring it and starting with this post. The second part will be up in a few days with some changes). Also, the notes at the end of this post will explain why and how I chose these coats.


Real winter coats in bright colours are not an easy find. But I was very happy with my favourite brand, H&M’s contribution to the bright winter coat collection – this red one is lovely!

H&M Wide Coat in a Wool Blend - 23% alpaca + 26% wool + 22% mohair.

H&M Wide Coat in a Wool Blend – 23% alpaca + 26% wool + 22% mohair.


My Shopping Bag: Winterwear

So I had to do some winter shopping since I don’t really own much in the way of winter wear suitable for London winters. Except, of course, my trusty Forever New black peacoat and my tailored light duster coat.

Item 1: Zara leather biker jacket + coat

I loved this coat the first time I saw it. And when I saw it I was in India with no need for a winter coat.  So I did the sensible thing. I made my then boyfriend, now husband, actually get the coat and keep it for me. That was, of course, the sensible thing to do.

(To be honest, it actually was the sensible thing to do since this coat became a major celebrity favourite and is now selling on e-bay for about £250 bucks, more than double of what I paid for it.)

Zara Black Leather Boker Coat

Zara Black Leather Biker Coat


Blog Awards #UKBA15

As you know, we are a very new blog and its barely been about three months since we started with our first post. However, we have thought about this blog (or rather an idea for a blog) for a really long time, discussing and debating what we want to write about (and what we don’t), the kind of pictures we want to have, what we want to call our blog (we went through about twenty ridiculous names) and so on. We were really excited once we started out and the excitement hasn’t died down even one bit – and continues with every post.

I do think its a little early for us to be entering and winning any blog awards. But we did think this would be good fun and a great way of receiving some feedback about what we have done so far as well as what we should be doing next.

So we would be very grateful if you would vote for us by entering your details (name and e-mail address only) here and here (there are two categories – fashion and lifestyle). A comment, suggestion or even some criticism we can work on would be a bonus for us!

New header

- from all of us at Fashion and Frappes.

Denim Shirt as a Jacket

For someone who loves jackets, it’s quite strange that I do not own a single denim jacket. They never seemed to quite fit in with my lifestyle in Bombay (where it was too hot to wear denim jackets) and don’t really provide enough protection from London’s cold weather like my leather jackets.

I have been wearing my Gap denim shirt as a shirt and strangely, as a jacket almost as much and for as long and almost always over a dress.


White dress with crochet from a boutique in Bandra, Mumbai; Gap denim blue shirt; ASOS white mini bag with brown straps; leather slippers from FabIndia and cappuccino from coffee cart next to the London Eye.

White dress with crochet from a boutique in Bandra, Mumbai; Gap denim blue shirt; ASOS white mini bag with brown straps and gold buckle; brown leather slippers from FabIndia and cappuccino from coffee cart next to the London Eye.


My Shopping Bag : Flea Market, Soul Sante

Soul Sante was filled to the brim with unique, one of a kind, hand made things. I wanted to buy one of everything! But a lot of the stuff especially the flower headbands and things like that, I realized would be novelty items for me. Something that I would end up not getting that much use out of. The home decor items on the other hand I thought were really good investments, as I’m moving to a new place soon and basically cannot wait to decorate it. That said, lets just get into the things I did end up getting.

Blackboard message board

IMG_0969 As soon I saw this I was like – mine! I love writing  little notes, love reading them too. With this, now we don’t have to use the generic post-its anymore. I love that its a tiny blackboard and that I can write on it with chalk. How cute is that?!