Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Victoria and Albert Museum

I had a chance to go see the Savage Beauty exhibit yesterday. Needless to say, it is definitely worth a visit. Whether or not you are a fashion fan or an Alexander McQueen fan, this was definitely something worth spending an hour or so of your day. Its a beautifully presented exhibit. In fact, its more of a show than an exhibit.

The main poster for the exhibit

The main poster for the exhibit


Shopping Bag: Workwear Buys and #OOTD

Item 1: Stradivarius Faux Leather Pencil Skirt and Item 2: Zara Houndstooth Dress I am obviously some one who takes her own advice. I mentioned this camel faux leather skirt and dress in my workwear post and went and picked them up. To offset the slightly daring leather for work I will wear this with a white shirt. This is how I styled the hound tooth dress recently. I am waiting for it to get a little warmer so I can then lose the jacket. IMG_6816 (more…)

Basic Makeup Essentials: The only things you really need in your makeup bag

I have recently come to realize that my makeup addiction is a very real thing. I constantly find myself buying new makeup when I know perfectly well that I’ll probably never be able to finish the stuff I already have. Honestly it can be quite overwhelming at the makeup counters, what with all the bright and shiny new products every other week.

Most of which is just the same old product, re-launched with shiny new packaging. But its so much fun to try out new makeup that I find it close to impossible to stop myself.

So I thought it might help to make a list of the basic makeup items that one really needs. It might take some time and experimenting to find the perfect product or shade, but these probably are the only things you will need for your basic everyday makeup needs.


Boring Beige – Not So Much! #OOTD

The weather has been really annoying lately. Sun shining one moment and hail the next. (Seriously – no exaggeration.) I actually put away my winter coat and then had to bring it out again which is the most irritating thing ever.

The fact that I can ‘pose’ for OOTD shots without any outerwear is an improvement I guess.




There are days that I put my hand into my cupboard, drag out the first thing I can find and put it on – after a bath of course! These are those days when my call time is between 5 am and 6am, the sun is still yet to come out and managing to walk from my room to the kitchen without banging my head into a wall is an accomplishment. I am not exaggerating. My sister Anisha has witnessed these days, I truly hate them.

What I wear to a shoot is mostly comfort clothing. Leggings, long tops, jeans with tshirts, long shirts with tights etc. Basically clothes that I do not have to keep settling or worrying about when leaning, bending or standing.