5 Rules for Wearing Black in Summer! #OOTD

Its weird but black seems to have become a popular colour this summer. I had dismissed the idea. But then its black. I was intrigued. Satarupa uploaded an all black look on Instagram and I started thinking.

I decided to try it. But its not as easy as putting on any black dress (in case you think my work here is not important).

Black summer dress lace bag and nude heels (more…)

CLOSET 37 – for the love of Shoes

I am not a tall person. And unlike Anisha who loves heels, I hardly wear any.

That day, quite matter of factly, she told me she wore heels to work. Everyday. (Thats crazy and we’ll talk about that later). I cannot even imagine wearing heels to work! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a post showing you the kind of shoes I do wear to work, especially after I received these two pairs of shoes from Closet 37, one black and one in white. Flat shoes are a big part of my wardrobe.


Five things

Newest addition to our home, a tiny handmade sandalwood elephant.

We’ve been keeping busy these last few weeks. Bidisha has been travelling all over the country for work and making us all jealous. Anisha has been busy decorating her new home, while I went for a wedding to sunny Chennai for a few days, and then spent a week after just trying to recover from how crazy hot Chennai was. If you live in Chennai, you have my respect and I don’t know how you do it!


Summer in Cinque Terre – and you still have time to book your next holiday!

The day I published our Bordeaux post, I was already off on my next holiday to Cinque Terre. How absolutely amazing is that!

Cinque Terre is in Italy, driving distance from the city of Genoa. Its on the UNESCO world heritage list. Why? Because this is what it looks like!

Monorola, Cinque Terra, Italy

Monorola, Cinque Terra, Italy


How to dress like the perfect wedding guest (and we have a giveaway winner!)

What the title should actually be is how to dress like the perfect wedding guest without looking like you are going to prom or have completely given up on your personal sense of style!

Indian weddings are simple. You might look like a wet cat one second but once you wear a sari – no matter what the sari – you will look like you belong to the red carpet. Most saris require no styling tricks, no effort, no interest, no thought. You wear a sari and you will look awesome. For instance, the saris we are wearing here are absolutely minimal, inexpensive ones (actually some of them are not even saris but just the material which we liked and used as a sari).

Now coming back to my problem. So Indian weddings are easy to dress for. Put on a sari. This will usually be the new sari or the only sari that is dry-cleaned or the only sari you have managed to find a blouse and skirt for or the only one you can find (or manage to borrow from your sister). I wish I could tell you there was a lot more thought put into it but sadly, this isn’t the case.

But weddings in London are difficult to dress for.

Blue Zara Wedding guest dress


Shopping Bag: Summer Heels

In most cases summer shoes usually means flip flops, Birkenstocks and ballet flats – basically anything thats slip on and easy to wear.

Stilettos heels Silver Pumps Nude heels Shoes sexy

I seem to think of summer shoes differently.

I thought these barely there black strappy heels were perfect for summer! I have been hankering for these shoes for quite sometime now but never seem to find the perfect ones. As expected, there were a lot of specifications. The front strap had to be really thin. It had to be stilettos. And black. I grabbed these ones as soon as I found them since these were pretty much the first ones I saw that fit all my ‘requirements’.

If you follow us on Instagram you will know I have been coveting these silver ones for quite sometime now. They were reduced during the Zara sale and I picked them up. Unfortunately, you might not find the silver in your size since most sizes are sold out although the gold ones are still available. I just thought these were the perfect replacement white pumps for summer.

We are still going through the entries for our giveaway which and should announce the winners soon. Thank you all for entering and reading!


‘Must have’ basic wardrobe essentials – the full list

Closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? Join the club. This is one feeling I’m sure almost all of us have had at one point or another. In fact whenever I need to go somewhere I change my outfit at least  thrice before I’m happy with it, if at all. The constant pressure of changing fashions and wearing on trend clothing can make you crazy and frankly is quite unrealistic to meet. Unless of course you’re a runway model and get paid in clothes. In which case, lets be besties okay? :)

DSC_0228 copy

The solution to this “what to wear today” dilemma is to build your wardrobe on classic basic items that stand the test of time and never go out of style. Here I’ve tried to list out a few things that I hope can help you on your way to building a great timeless wardrobe. Things like fitted black pants, and a great pair of jeans that make your legs look endless are a given so Ive left them out of this list, but you totally need them too. Trust me on this.