Trendy Workwear: Knot Skirts and Polka Dots #OOTD

My friend, Duygu is my go-to person for all the crazy fashion obsessive stuff I want to do (including manic window shopping). And there is a reason for that. This is what she dresses like on a normal work day.

Ladylike knot skirts toffee workwear formals

Yeah. Not your standard suit. And btw, she works in a law firm – as ‘suity’ as it gets. She is basically my living motivation to adhere to the ‘formal need not be boring’ mantra. (more…)

Autumn Androgyny, Winter Shopping and Blog News! #OOTD

You may have seen me showing off my new shoes. I am slightly ashamed to say I was very sneaky and cheap about these. I absolutely knew I should not spend money on another pair of heels after I got these two pairs. We were ambling around Brick Lane and magically ended up at an All Saints sample sale. Ok lets say magically was a stretch. We rounded a corner and I saw the words ‘All Saints Sample Sale’ and started running. Of course, thankfully I wasn’t already wearing the heels I ended up buying. Anyway, long story short – Duygu got herself a pair and I went back that night and got another. Zero will power.

So onto another topic – how do you guys like my amazingly autumn photograph and outfit?

Autumn leaves Androgyny hat (more…)

Diwali Dressing #OOTD 

I love most festivals here in India but when I was younger some of them did terrify me to death. During Holi, my mum tells me I saw my own reflection in the mirror and cried. During Diwali, the noise would make me run into my room and hide then I would run out because darkness scared me too. Well I wasn’t a brave kid. But now I have come a long way. (I still stay away from noisy crackers, don’t see the point of them but love some of the simpler ones). Back home in Calcutta, my mother lights up our house. She believes in the traditional way of lighting the oil dias, none of that t-light candle nonsense. We have a very simple and beautiful Diwali at home My dad sings some of the prayer songs to which my sister Anisha and I pretend to mumble along. Even after all these years we still have not managed to learn it. All said and done it is my most favourite of festivals.

Diwali gold shoes festive wear

Shoes and earrings from an exhibition in Mumbai.


5 Bathroom Decor Ideas: Renovation and Styling Tips

I remember being on a walking tour in Edinburgh where the guide pointed out some old houses in the Old Town telling us the bathrooms used to be outside the main house, almost an afterthought. We have come a long way since then. Bathrooms in the most basic of houses look glossy, well-kept and polished. Yup – bathrooms are now beautiful.


Image and products from CP Hart


More Balmain than H&M: How to Prepare, What to Buy and More Importantly What Not to Buy!

I was pretty excited about this one once I saw the pieces that were released as a trailor. And I got very excited once I saw the full collection.


If you are looking for classy, understated, neutrals – this is not for you. If you are looking for major glamour, fantastic texture, jewel toned colours and style, this is it. I decided to pick out the items which are going to be the most popular, most wearable, most ‘Balmain’, split into different themes like the wardrobe staples, party dresses, word outfits and so on. And more importantly, I also picked the items to avoid. But first lets discuss – why should you bother and what is different about this designer collaboration?


What To Wear For Diwali: Our Outfit Picks

Diwali is right around the corner and we are very excited! It’s my favorite time of the year to shop for Indian wear as the stores are stocked with colourful, festive wear. Not to mention all the great Diwali discounts! So this year we’ll make your Diwali shopping slightly easier and let you know our personal picks of the lot. All three of us decided to contribute to this one as we have quite different styles and it would make for a more varied list.

Aqua is one of Bidisha’s favourite colours so it’s  not a surprise that this Biba outfit is on her list.