Cocktails on Instagram 

It’s almost the weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to start getting ready for it. To help with that, here are some of the cocktails we’ve consumed over the last few months (No we don’t have a drinking problem :P ). All chronicled on our Instagram of course. Enjoy!

Red wine sangria with apples.


How to work the Semi Formal dress code

In continuation of our work wear series for the leading Indian daily The New Indian Express, here is our second article.

This one is all about finding a balance between formals and casuals, for those who have a more relaxed dress code at their workplace. I write about my everyday work wear, and how to create an office appropriate outfit even while including casual items like jeans and tshirts.

Read the whole article here. And let me know what you think, I am beyond excited!

A big thank you to Maddy for taking all the pictures :)


How to Build Your Formal Work Wardrobe – New Indian Express

Fashion and Frappes has been given a chance to talk and write about fashion for the leading Indian daily, the New Indian Express.

We specifically talk about workwear – formal, semi-formal and almost casual. I wrote about my very formal workwear – what to buy and how to build a work wardrobe that works in different weather conditions without spending too much money

Picture 1

See the full article here and let me know what you think!

Special thanks to Duygu, Nikhil and DJ for helping me with the pictures. 


Online shopping in India: Highs and Lows

Online shopping is a lazy girl’s best friend. Actually come to think of it, it is also a working girl’s, a busy girl’s..well I guess every kinda girl’s best friend :P

Like everyone I know shopping online is still a hit and miss situation for me. At times it goes perfect, and I wonder what did everyone do before we could shop online. At other times however, everything that can possibly go wrong with an order, does. Wrong size, broken product, a completely different product from what I ordered, or even something that looks poles apart from how it looked on the website. You name it, I’ve faced it. Such are the perils of online shopping. But what everyone agrees on I think is that the advantages of shopping from a thousand different stores from the convenience of your home is unbeatable. Therefore, online shopping and me are still BFFs, though it doesn’t do much for my credit card.

We thought it would be useful to combine our most frequently used online stores and do a post on it. Each of us have had different experiences with these stores, and it might help you out if you wanted to try one of them for yourself. So here goes!


Lounging at the airport – #OOTD 


My father is a retired pilot, and is always very insistent that I reach airports early to catch my flights. This was one of those mornings – very early mornings. I was leaving my Kolkata home to come back to my Mumbai one and like always, my flight was at some absurd time in the morning. On reaching the airport I had a good two hours to spare. So this is what I spent my time on…a good book and coffee.