Feminine Fashion – Shirt Dresses and Chiffon

I loved how polished and feminine this turned out.

White dress summer chiffon lace cream feminine dress

This isn’t one of my favourite dresses. Far from it. Its a dress I bought from Primark some years back and have barely ever worn. It was the wrong size, then I got it stitched up to fit and by then I had already lost interest.


5 Home Decor Ideas: Wallpaper and Decor Inspiration

Its been quite sometime since my husband, DJ and I moved into our new place. We have managed to get some things organised like some of the furniture and kitchen stuff. Satarupa’s tips (along with a number of phone calls as well as some frantic messages to Dhara) were helpful. (You might want to check out Dhara’s design blog for more inspiration). However, we seem to have left the most daunting tasks till the end. Let me clarify, this is not the recommended way of going about things if you are doing up your own place!

The things we haven’t got around to doing is our floors, tiling the bathroom and the most painful of it all – painting and wallpapering the house. But we are making progress!

Teal house decor candles

We ended up doing quite a bit of work on the apartment just this last weekend and I wanted to list out certain decor items and ideas I have and used and been inspired by.


Autumn Accessories with Accessorize

As a stylist whenever I am asked for style advice, I always tell people to use accessories – even the simplest and most basic of outfits can be made better and dressier with the right accessories. (Although I do tell people to not overdo it). The type of bag you carry, the headband on your head, shoes – even tiny details like nail art can make a style statement.Bidisha with accessorize


Summer favorites – Movies and Tv Shows


Half my free time goes into reading IMDB reviews about new movies and shows, and other half into watching them. Its literally my favorite thing to do, ok maybe second favorite – but its a very very close second to reading.

We mostly watch on the computer but since we are moving soon we are thinking of buying a proper television set. I am currently eyeing this Panasonic one, the Panasonic Veira – its HD!

So today we talk about our favourite movies and TV shows. I tried to stick to 10 but honestly with all 3 of us pitching in it proved to be pretty much impossible. Hope you find some of your favorites in here, and in case you have any favorite movies and TV shows you think we should check out please do let us know!

Lets start with TV shows/series:


Summer white and red lips #OOTD

As the summer progresses, my will to wear trousers or god forbid jeans seems to be diminishing. I literally can’t bear the thought of putting on pants, as funny as that sounds. Well thats why I believe maxi dresses and flowy skirts were invented. On this particular day I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the hot sun, so it seemed like the perfect day to wear this linen maxi dress that just screams summer to me.

white-maxi-dress (more…)

Little White Two-Piece with Luxemme

Luxemme sent me this super chic white skirt-top set. I was wary when I opened the package since it was something I really liked but I didn’t want to set up expectations too high – what if it didn’t fit me? Thats a serious problem for me.

But it did!

Luxemme white skirt lace top set