All Travel Packing is Not Equal – my packing mistakes to learn from and avoid

I have been telling Bidisha to write about travel packing since she travels a lot. A lot. A lot. But I have been travelling and will be travelling a lot too. So there is no reason for me not to do the post.

My travel plans have been a little absurd lately. I just went to Croatia for a week last week. I am leaving for Amsterdam today and then I am off to Corfu on Monday – the same day I get back from Amsterdam. I know – this isn’t the most brilliant planning. But such absurd trips required some serious packing skills and I have learnt from my recent mistakes. There will be a lot more packing tips and tricks to follow.

Flatlay beach ear bikinis hats vacation holiday (more…)

SPLITSVILLA 8! RANNVIJAY’S LOOKBOOK – Formal wear to beach wear.

I was going to start apologising to all the women as again I’m back to a menswear post then realised you may not mind so much! Who would not want to see this man? So here you go Splitsvilla and Mtv fans!

In this post I have put together seven looks of Rannvijay Singh Singha, where you can get it and styling tips. If you have liked our last post on mens fashion , you will love this one too!


The Summer Favourites List: Podcasts

We decided to start out the new series straight away!

I switched phones and now have no music on my new phone. I also have a really short commute and although I have been trying to read a Tale of Two Cities on the phone, its not easy. Its not exactly the kind of book that can get anywhere in the five pages I am able to finish during my 10 minute tube ride. So I started listening to podcasts and now I am hooked.

The husband introduced me to my first podcast and I have to start out my list with that.

Chocolate podcasts Serial fashion flatly


Guy Bourdin at the Somerset House: Photography Exhibit

I ended up going for a fantastic exhibit at the Somerset House. This was quite some time back, in March, and I found the pictures I took on my phone and realised I had completely forgotten about it. The exhibit showed photographs by Guy Bourdin – probably the only fashion photographer whose work is so distinctive that even an amateur like me can recognise it.

This is probably his most recognised photograph, from the Vogue Paris, May 1970 issue.

Guy Bourdin Red Lipstick Hands Vogue  Needless to say, my photos (of his photos) absolutely do not do justice to his.


New Series: The Summer Favourites List

Like I mentioned on our blog anniversary post (btw, just after I published it, my husband asked ‘why didn’t you just call it Blogavarsary instead of Bloganniversary and I got really mad at him since I was mad at myself for not thinking of that sooner), we wanted to do a lot of short series like the Drink of the Week or the Wardrobe Challenge and so on. So this is a new series we decided to start. Don’t worry – the Five Things, Take Three and other series posts will continue as well.

Favourite things Cafe summer europe


From Work to Drinks with ILEX London #OOTD

I would love to be someone who can get away with wearing any random (but stylish) thing to work. But I cannot. I work in the City and to be honest, enjoy the slightly formal dress code. It definitely makes me feel more confident (I admit, there are times I look into the mirror when wearing a suit and feel mighty pleased!). And where and when else in life would I have the chance to wear a smart suit?

But I am guessing you are not particularly interested in reading about how awesome (I think) I look in my work wear but are more interested to know how you can look awesome in your work wear. Read on.

ILEX London Black and White Gold Accents Workwear


Bloganniversary – Fashion and Frappes is one!

Drumrollllll! We are one!

Ok we are actually late 20’s to early 30’s but Fashion and Frappes is now one!

Our first blog post went out last year on this day.

If you have been reading from the beginning – thank you so very much. And if you picked it up along the way, please go back and read our older posts and thank you for doing so!

We thought this would be an excellent time to celebrate our one year bloganniversary. This would also be a great time to tell you some news about the blog as well as a little bit more about our plans – what we hope to do with Fashion and Frappes going forward and what you can expect from us.

We just got our first set of business cards made!

Blogging writing business cards